Dental fluorosis is a cosmetic or aesthetic condition which refers to the way teeth look: it is not considered to be an adverse effect”  Dr Seamus O’Hickey, Chair,  Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health (Irish Examiner 17/09/2008).

“Dental fluorosis at the level occurring in Ireland does not require treatment” Fluoridation Code of Practice 2007.

“Fluoridation has no negative side effects aside from slight staining of teeth in a small number of cases which can be easily treatable.” Health Minister  Dr Jimmy Devins (FF),  (Irish Times March 15th 2007)

“Fluorosis is unnoticeable … and is not a manifestation of systemic toxicityDr Joe Mullen, Principal Dental Surgeon HSE North West and member of Expert Body, (Irish Medical News 26th Feb 2007).


North South Oral Health in Children Survey 2002 finding a 700% increase in fluorosis in 15 yr olds since 1984 in the fluoridated Republic, with every third child now disfigured.

Who are the Health Minister’s fluoride experts?


  Flouridation Forum (2000 – 2002) Irish Expert body on Flourides on health (2004 – Present)
Dr Wayne Anderson, Food Safety Authority Of Ireland (FSAI) * *
Prof John Clarkson, Dublin Dental School * *
Dr Gerard Gavin, Chief Dental Officer to 2003 * *
Dr Joe Mullen, Principal Dental Surgeon NW Health Board * *
Prof Denis O’Mullane, Head of Oral Health Services Research UCC * *
Dr Seamus O’Hickey, Chair of Expert Body   *
Dr Brian P. O’Herlihy, Vice-Chair “ “   *
Mr Stephen McDermott, Dentistry   *
Prof William Binchy, Law/Ethics TCD * *
Dr Paul Beirne, Social Research UCC   *


Note the inexplicable absence of a toxicologist